ETF Spotlight Series: Invest in AR/VR with these Top 4 Metaverse ETFs

Apple is betting big on metaverse by launching Vision Pro VR. You can invest in metaverse too with these 4 metaverse ETFs.

metaverse ETFs returns compared

Apple's launch of the "Vision Pro VR Headset" has made Metaverse the talk of the town. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, believes that the next major advancement in technology, following the introduction of Mac for personal computing and iPhone for mobile computing, will come with the Vision Pro VR headset, which will pave the way for spatial computing

Apple is not alone. Meta (formerly Facebook) has pumped $36B into its metaverse and VR business since 2019. And JP Morgan believes that the metaverse will represent a $1 Trillion annual revenue opportunity.

Brief Overview: Metaverse, AR, VR

Imagine you have two special types of glasses. With Virtual Reality, or VR, you put on one pair of glasses and get whisked away to a whole new world that isn't real but looks and feels like it is. It's like stepping into a video game or a movie! You can explore different places, meet imaginary characters, and go on adventures.

Now, with Augmented Reality, or AR, you put on the other pair of glasses and still see the real world around you, but with some extra magical things added to it. It's like having a secret superpower to make things appear that others can't see. You can have virtual creatures popping up on your table or see fun information floating in the air. Pokemon Go is a great example of AR.

While AR adds digital things to the real world, and VR takes you to a completely virtual world, the Metaverse combines them both and connects everything together. In the Metaverse, you can wear special glasses or use devices to see and interact with a mix of real and virtual things, making it feel like you're truly inside a magical universe.

How to invest in Metaverse

Investing in metaverse ETFs through dollar cost averaging (DCA) can be a reliable and stress-free strategy to enter the world of the metaverse.

By consistently investing a fixed amount over time, regardless of price fluctuations, you can accumulate more shares when prices are low and fewer shares when prices are high, potentially reducing your average cost per share in the long run. 

Moreover, investing in a metaverse ETF provides diversification and convenience, allowing you to access a variety of metaverse-related securities and spread your investment risk across multiple assets. Here are the top four metaverse ETFs we are uncovering in this ETF Spotlight Series.

metaverse ETFs returns compared

Top Four Metaverse ETFs:

FMET: The New Kid On The Block 

METV: The Biggest Metaverse ETF 🐘

VERS: Revenue focused 💰

Share’s MetaVerse: The Phenomenal Performer 🚀

With the Share Invest App, users can easily set up recurring investments in any metaverse ETF, enabling dollar cost averaging into the metaverse within seconds. Additionally, the DCA calculator serves as a useful tool, allowing you to assemble a basket of metaverse stocks or ETFs by simply dragging and dropping them, and then simulating the potential returns.

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