ETF Spotlight Series: Finding the Best Oil and Gas ETF

In this ETF Spotlight Series, we uncover the best oil and gas ETFs, and the best strategy to invest in them.

best oil and gas etfs

In 2022, oil and gas ETFs gained huge popularity. The Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLE) delivered an impressive total return of 64%. In stark contrast, the S&P 500 experienced negative total returns. 

Several factors contributed to the dominant performance of oil and gas ETFs in 2022. The escalation of Russia's conflict with Ukraine, increased travel demand, and various other catalysts caused U.S. crude oil prices to surge from approximately $75 at the beginning of the year to $120 throughout the year. 

Today, the prices of oil have dropped back to where they were in 2021. Nobody can say for sure which way they'll go next, especially because oil prices can be so unpredictable. In our ETF Spotlight Series, we're going to reveal the best oil and gas ETFs out there. We'll also show you how you can invest in them while keeping the risks of price volatility in check.

best oil and gas etfs





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How to invest in oil & gas ETFs:

Due to the high volatility of the oil prices, a method to consider when investing in an oil and gas ETF is through dollar cost averaging (DCA). DCA involves purchasing smaller amounts at consistent intervals, irrespective of the price. This strategy can help you achieve a favorable average price over time. Consequently, the returns obtained through DCA for the aforementioned ETFs are notably higher compared to traditional investment approaches. 

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