ETF Spotlight Series: 4 Best High Dividend ETFs that Pay Monthly

In this ETF Spotlight Series, we uncover the top 4 high dividend ETFs that offer dividend payments as high as double your bank's interest rates.

high dividend etfs

If you seek monthly, passive income exceeding savings account interest rates, high dividend ETFs present an excellent opportunity.

high dividend etfs

What is ETF dividend yield?

The dividend yield represents the income generated by the ETF as a percentage of its share price. Let's take an example of an ETF called "ABC Dividend ETF." Suppose the current share price of ABC Dividend ETF is $100. The ETF has an annual dividend yield of 4%. To calculate the dividend yield, we multiply the annual dividend yield by the share price: Dividend Yield = 4% * $100 = $4. 

This means that for every share of ABC Dividend ETF that you own, you would receive an estimated $4 in dividends per year, or $0.33 every month.

Don’t just chase yield, there are risks.

When you purchase a share of an ETF, you encounter similar risks to buying an individual stock like Tesla. The share price of the ETF can vary, causing fluctuations in the overall value of your investment.

In this ETF Spotlight Series, we set out to discover four high dividend ETFs offering dividend yields up to twice as much as your bank interest.

JPST: The Safe Bet 😌

JEPI: The New ETF Sensation 😎

JEPQ: The Twin 👯

Share’s Dividend Yield: The Perfect Blend 💯

How to invest in high dividend ETFs:

Based on your investment goals, different ETFs can meet your needs. For those seeking high dividends to cover monthly expenses, JEPI and JEPQ are viable choices. If safety is your priority, JPST offers a secure option with better returns than a savings account. For a balance between dividend yield and overall return, Share's Dividend Yield stands as an excellent choice.

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