15-Minute Transformation: Empowering Beginner Investors

How we helped a beginner investor build a portfolio in just 15 minutes.

case study shelby

Meet Shelby, a teacher in her 50s who had always been responsible with her money, meticulously setting aside $300 each month into a savings account that offered a meager 0.1% interest rate. For thirty long years, Shelby faithfully nurtured her nest egg, dreaming of the day it would grow into a substantial retirement fund.

case study shelby

Little did she know, her savings were losing value faster than she could replenish them. The culprit? The relentless force of inflation, slowly eroding the purchasing power of her hard-earned money. Sadly, her $100k in contributions lost $26k in value due to inflation.

Shelby didn’t invest her savings because she didn't know much about it and was worried about the risks. If she had invested in the broad stock market, it’d be worth $600k. Now, her retirement is delayed by a decade.

We sat down with Shelby to understand her financial aspirations, her risk tolerance, and her dreams for retirement. In just 15 minutes, we helped her create an investment portfolio that matched her risk/reward preferences.

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